Build up to $125,000 in Business Credit without being personally liable for one red cent in as little as 9 months.

With my credit building program, you are not personally 
liable for any of the credit that is established for your business.  I will never ask for you're SSN.

Don't believe me? read below and see how I build business credit for a chimpanzee! That's right a monkey!

Do You Want Corporate Credit?


Well, of course you do…

If you’ve been looking for a way to establish business credit for your organization – without using or affecting your personal credit – then B2B Credit has the solution for you. We are a premier financial consulting firm specializing in establishing and managing business credit for both startups and existing businesses. Using a unique strategic methodology we can separate your business and personal credit and establish the solid business credit that your company needs to succeed.

Whether you are expanding your business or want to incorporate a new business, B2B Credit offers you valuable and truly revolutionary ways for coping with the Credit Bureaus that manage your credit profile. My solutions will affect the way potential lenders perceive your company's financial strength, resulting in significantly improved competitive advantages.

Just imagine the new opportunities that will develop for your business after building corporate credit!

B2B Credit will work closely with you to ensure that your credit report aligns with your financial objectives. We'll help you build or establish business credit, while removing your personal liability and protecting your personal assets.

Over the past 13 years I've earned the loyalty of many businesses which relied on me to improve and manage their company's credit profiles as well as protect their company image. 

If you would like to learn more about B2B Credit, what sets us apart from our competition and why you should select B2B Credit to build your companies business credit without using any of your personal credit, then keep reading below and watch my webinar.


Have you ever wanted to know how far you can go with business credit?  Watch this video and see exactly what one of my customers did.  

For everyone that has been told you can’t buy a home on business credit, that might be true, but no one said you can’t build one.

5 shell companies and 24 months later, this is the end result.   it's truly amazing what business credit can do for you if you truly put your mind to it. 



Jonas has been in the Business Credit business for over 13 years now.  To date, Jonas has successfully established well over 30,000,000 in business credit for his clients across the United States.

B2B Credit is the highest and most successful corporate credit building company on the internet today. B2B Credit only works with a limited number of clients at a time to ensure each clients account gets the attention they truly deserve.

Jonas has also traveled the U.S giving speeches on building business credit and has appeared on numerous websites and TV stations including Fox 31, Yahoo news and CNN.


The bigger your company looks, the more likely you will get approved and the more credit the creditors will be willing to give you.  Let’s face it, just a company name, address and phone number is not going to cut it unless you only want a few hundred dollars in business credit.  If you want serious credit with serious limits, you need to put in a bit of work and make your company look HUGE.

How can I do that?   Simple, look below at what we can do for your business to make it look 1000X's bigger.

They say, you got to fake it till you make it!

When you deal with creditors, like Master Card, American Express, Apple, Best Buy, etc, they dig, and dig and dig to see if they want to one, approve you and if so, then how much credit do they want to extend to you.

The more you look like a large company, the more credit they will give you.   How about going from a $500 Master Card to a $15,000 Master Card?  This is what the B2B Credit Identity program does for your business.  To see how creative we can be, have a look at the short video and then you will have no doubts as to how big we can make your company look.


Click here to view Chaz's DNB report.

Note:  From the time we placed this online DNB has closed and
removed the file.  I guess they don't monkey around haha.

Chaz is a chimpanzee who currently holds over $75,000 in business credit. We started this experiment to prove that you don’t have to be human to have corporate credit.

We first started by setting up a company for Chaz called Chimpanzees Limited LLC, then we put the building blocks in place and started building business credit for him.

Chaz has benefited from all of his new credit, Amazon is by far Chaz’s favorite place to shop. We got him snacks, bananas and all types of toys that he picks out, all under his business credit account. Home Depot and Lowe’s business credit has allowed for us to build Chaz a kick ass home.

Of course you need to keep his sheets and bed clean so we purchased a washer and dryer through J.C. Penney appliances, you guessed it. Under the J.C. Penny business card. Dell credit has allowed us to finance the notebook for him to pay his games on. Best Buy business credit gave Chaz a 65 inch big screen so he can watch TV on and of course, Direct TV business accounts gave him the animal channel to watch and go crazy over. Lastly, the gas cards pay for the fuel and snacks during the road trips.

If we can do this for Chaz, we can certainly do this for you!

B2B Credit Builder Program

Whether you have a startup business or are looking to grow an established business, you need to establish business credit to fund your venture. Regardless of the condition of your personal credit, the B2B Credit Builder™ Program can help you obtain the business credit you need without exposing you to the risks of personal guarantees, and without affecting or using your personal credit.

What is the B2B Credit Builder Program?

The B2B Credit Builder™ Program is a full-service program that helps your business to build credit. This is not a "do-it-yourself" course. What sets our program apart is that we actually do the work for you, building your business credit score and setting up credit for your business with nationally-known vendors.

Business Credit Will Help Your Business Succeed

The old adage that it “takes money to make money” is true. Unfortunately, many business owners also find that it “takes credit to get credit.” With the B2B Credit Builder program, this is not the case. Our credit building program can help you to…

  • Separate your business and personal credit. You’ll get a business credit profile that is strictly under your business name, separate from the personal credit report of the owners or officers of the business.
  • Reduce your personal liability and risk. Establishing separate business credit will reduce your personal liability for your company’s financial commitments. A business failure does not have to result in a personal bankruptcy!
  • Build business credit reports and scores. As a result of our program, your business will be listed with all of the top business credit bureaus.
  • Create credibility for your business. Having business credit makes your organization a better candidate for business loans, leases, partnerships and government contracts.
  • Save thousands of dollars in funding costs. Your solid business credit will help qualify you for lower interest rates on business loans.


I have served over 3,000 clients with zero complaints with the BBB

I'm Proud of what I do. There, I said it.

Years in this industry have taught me that pride matters. Pride is productive.

Pride tells me that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing obsessively, compulsively, work-all-night-and-maybe-even-the-weekend-okay-definitely-the-weekend until I get it right.

Pride insists I am creative in my approach with real-world results.

Pride reminds me that I can't just throw money at business problems. I actually have to solve them.

Pride tells me that dinner, every once in a while, will be the second half of that sandwich left over from lunch.

Pride also makes that sandwich taste good.

What the industry tells me we can't do, pride tells me I can!


Jonas Brown
President & CEO B2B Credit, LLC


Name Your Pricing Membership - Only With B2B Credit

Start building your business credit RIGHT NOW for just $399,  $299,  $199 or $99   That's right, we know you are trying to get your business off the ground and you might not have the $399 to get started right now.  So you tell us how much you want to sign up with and when you will pay the balance  over 30 days and we can get started today!


The people at B2B Credit are so easy to work with, if you're not happy with the early results after 30 days, you can cancel with no questions ask.  If you elect to stay in the program, we will bill you at the normal rate of $99 a month for as long as you stay in the program.   There is no contracts like other companies, we offer a month to month program, cancel any time.  Most of our clients stay in the program for an average of 9 months.


So what are you waiting for?  call today 720 370 1000



I want to protect my reputation as well as my BBB rating, so with that said, if for any reason you are not happy with my B2B Credit builder program within the first 30 days of signing up, just give me a call and I will refund you 100%, no questions asked. 

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